How to begin and Run a Profitable Bouncy Castle and Play Water Rental Business

Booking out bouncy castles and other play inflatables for childrens parties, and family events etc. is a great home business to be in either full time or not professional, and the profits can be hire dinosaur bouncy castle high, as well as the fun element! You possess the business and all the equipment, there’s no need to pay any franchising fees or licencing the law. For example, operating just three bouncy castles part-time at weekends, at £55 ($US88) per day per bouncer will bring in around £330 ($US528) per weekend, or over £1, 300 ($US2, 080) per month. Assuming expenses of around £300 ($US480) per month, this leaves over £1, 000 ($US1, 600) profit! So good for just a few hours work!

Children have birthdays every single day of the year. In the summer and fall months, their parents can hire a bouncy castle for the yard or yard. In the winter and spring, parents can hire a residential district hallway to hold the party and accommodate the bouncer.

To run a successful bouncy castle rental business, you don’t have to give up your full time job, and also you don’t need any large capital investment. This article will show newcomers how to begin and successfully run a bouncy castle/inflatable hire business from home and prevent the mistakes that others have made in the past.

1: Research.

When thinking about starting a bouncy castle hire business, the first thing to do is to read through all your local newspapers, (classified sections), Yellow Pages, and online. See if there is anyone else locally advertising a bouncy castle hire business. If you do spot a regular advertiser, don’t be put off : there’s still room for you. In most towns the demand for bouncy castles far is greater than the cause of them especially in the summer months. You will have a obvious idea of the competition in your area. In a busy area, rival companies will very often pass over phone calls and even bookings to other companies when they are too busy to meet the booking themselves. If you are very fortunate, there may be no challenges operating in your area.

2: Equipment needed.

Below is a list of equipment which you will need to take up a bouncy castle hire business:

a) Bouncy Castle, rain-cover, electric blowing apparatus, and single point blind levels.
b) Ground page to protect underside of bouncer.
c) Electrical proxy cable (25 : 30 meters long).
d) RCD rounds breaker. (safety cut-out device).
e) Safety sparring floor to put at front of the castle.
f) A sat nav or local street map of your town and its surrounding area.
g) Large A4 size desk log for carrying bookings (1 Page to a day).
h) Ledger book for recording takings and expenses etc.
i) Public Liability Insurance cover. We strongly recommend one million pounds as the absolute minimum.
j) Safety instruction page and customer disclaimer form.
k) A sack basket.

From experience, we highly recommend that your first bouncy castle is 12 foot by 12 foot. (3. 6m x 3. 6m) with a 3 or 4 foot (Approx. 1 metre) safety step at the front. This size is just about the most loved by customers and is easily handled and stored, and when overpriced will fit in most back gardens and community halls.

There are many excellent companies selling bouncy castles. Most new bouncy castles come with a 12 months guarantee, while some manufacturers give you a two year guarantee. Make sure that a minor repair kit is included in the price of your bouncer.

If buying new, make sure that the water has a certificate to say that it has been manufactured to the recognized Standard which as at Jan 2010 is: BULL CRAP EN 14960: 2006 (UK and Europe).

Be cautious when buying used play inflatables as the stitches on the seams does wear over time, and can cause bed failure. Take an experienced person with you, who will know what to look out for.

3: Where we can get customers.

Fortunately, children are born every single day of the year, so there is a virtually endless cause of prospects. Most parents prefer to use their own back gardens, or the local community hallway to hold the party. As well as private childrens’ parties, there are several other places where you can hire out your bouncer e. gary. playgroups, nurseries, discos, hotels, after-school clubs, shopping malls, school fetes, car footwear fairs, shows and galas, charity events, football clubs, barbeques, beach parties, christening parties, wedding receptions, tennis clubs, cub and scout groups, brownie and guide groups, business promotions, open days etc.

4: How to get bookings.

In order to get your first hires, I recommend that you do the following: Firstly, tell everyone that you know who have young children, that you have a bouncy castle for hire. Offer to let them rent it at a discount, if they are prepared to tell each of their friends and family.

Secondly, you need to place an ad in your local newspaper, and in your local yellow pages directory. This advertising will attract phone calls, and providing your telephone manner is considerate and helpful you will get bookings virtually automatically.

System enrolling for free with Google Maps, so that your potential customers can easily find you when they type out the name of your town and bouncy castle hire in the Google search engine. (It is an amazing idea to have a website, but it is not important to have one, in order to have your company listed in Google Maps for free.

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